Takamatsu: Explore the Best of the City

Being one of the biggest cities of Shikoku, it attracts more visitors than the rest of the island. In case you are planning to visit the Shikoku in Japan, this can be a good place to start with. The scenic port town has made it more convenient to visit. I came across many interesting attractions throughout the city. To plan your itinerary and make your list, check out a few things you can do.

Drop in at Ritsurin Park

This is one of the primary attractions. Trust me; it is one of the prettiest gardens that I came across in this region. It was a visual treat for sure. The place had been built for the Sasu Ma and Sanuki warlords to relax. As a matter of fact, it is so beautiful that this has been designated as the National Treasure of Japan. Walking around the park, I came across Engetsu-Kyo Bridge. The park is most famous for this. There is also a lotus pond here.

Try out Udon

The Udon noodles is might be one of the iconic dishes of Takamatsu. It is the most popular noodles in Japan. It is thick and chewy. The dish is prepared in different ways and is just a unique thing to have. Drop in a restaurant to have this iconic dish.

Visit Sanuki Takamatsu Festival

If you are visiting in the month of August, you will be able to be a part of this festival. The festival grabbed my interest because of the various attractions it has to offers. Starting from firework display to traditional dance, you get to see it all. Go to the central park to catch a glimpse of this festival. Stroll around and take some photos. You are surely going to remember this for a lifetime.