Yiwu – Explore Lakes and Temples Here

This Chinese city is known to haveinspired several musicians and poets and when I came here you will quickly realize why. Today the city has a modern landscape as well with a centralized business and commercial district, some buildings dating back to the seventeenth century even. The city has a uniqueness that is unlike any new city of the modern world.

The other thing I enjoyed here was visiting the local markets. Here you will find stalls that sell anything, from extension cords to clothes. You can negotiate with the traders, marveling all the time of the ancientness of the region, it being a place of trade of the Middle East for several centuries.

The place has a subtropical humid climate with four distinct seasons. I would recommend that you come here in autumn and spring; every year the October and April months have several events.

Stop by Shuanglin Temple

This is the main cultural and religious landmark to visit so I made it the first stop on my travel tour itinerary. The architecture of the temple and iron tower is a wonder to behold.

A Rocky Wonder – Desheng Yan

Did you know that this name translates as thick rocks? This place is a dense rock mountain that is a must visit. I clicked on countless photos here.

Stop by the International Exhibition Center

This place is opposite the Meihu exhibition center which is in the northern part of the city. The landscape is nice to check out as well as the conventions and trade fairs that are held here at different times of the year. When I was there the exhibition center had a cuisine fair on and it was fun sampling food of the different Chinese cuisines.

Plan a Day Tour at Xiuhu Lake Park

This is a scenic lake that you will find surrounding the Da’an temple tower. The tower was built around 960 AD during Song dynasty reign. The park is popular and you can spend time here as I did. It houses coffee and tea houses, supermarkets and shopping malls as well. There is much to do and is ideal to spend a day here, especially when the weather is pleasant.

Yokohama: Enjoy a Short Trip from Tokyo

When I took a trip to Tokyo, I decided to visit Yokohama during the weekends. This is the perfect place for a short trip. The city has a seaside vibe that is relaxing. There are a plethora of things to do and see. If you are planning to visit Yokohama any time soon, here are a few things that you need to check out.

Hara Railway Museum

I have always loved trains and a visit to this museum topped my list. Here you will find more than 6000 train models. I got to learn about its history and the different types of trains that are there. To make it more convenient they provide you with a tablet that reads QR Code so that you can choose to learn about the history from 8 different languages.

Anpanman Children’s Museum

Are you traveling with your kids? Then this is just the place to be. Anpanman Children’s Museum was actually a series that had been developed for adults. However, it became an anime series from a picture book one. I came to learn that it is largely popular among Japanese children. You are going to find the characters of the anime in the museum.

Bashi Shōtengai

The shopping street of Yokohama is just charming. Starting from deli shops to public theatre, you will find it all. Here are some amazing restaurants and I tried out the food there and I have to say that is simply amazing. There is no better place to catch a glimpse of the lives of the local people than in Shōtengai. I also collected some souvenirs from here.

Zo-No-Hana Terrace

This structure had been developed in 2009. It had been created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the port of Yokohama. It is an incredible place to relax. There are cafes and plazas. I loved the view of the port area.