Naucalpan – A City by the Hondo River

Image result for naucalpan mexicoEvery city of Mexico has a distinct history about its formation that also has left effects on its culture and the people. When I visited Naucalpan, located in the valley of Mexico, I discovered that this place had been populated by humans over 20,000 years. Naucalpan’s history starts with the Tlatilca group that first settled here, by the edges of Hondo River, between 1700 to 600 BCE.

Historical Landmarks

Based on its ancient historical roots, you can find several prehistoric remains here such as the Pyramid del Conde that was built here and now lies in the neighborhood area of El Conde. I would advise you to take a guided tour when you are here to get the interesting historical facts as you explore the city. For instance, you will discover that the Tlacopan or Tacuba area that was governed in the pre-Hispanic era has ethnic dominance of Otomi people. I also saw the site of the Noche Triste tree or Night of Sorrows that lies by the foot of Otocampulco Mountain

Tourist Places

Other sites of tourist interest here that I also visited are the Soumaya museum, known for European works of art; Museo Jumex has contemporary art exhibits while Acuario Inbursa is an aquarium that is an interesting visit for families. 

Kids will also enjoy visiting the Parque Bicentenario which has play areas and park trails. An unusual place to visit here is Quetzalcoatl’s Nest that is modeled after a snake god of Aztec religion. I also came by Nautilus House here which has an aquatic unique design as its architecture.


I stopped by Romano’s Macaroni Grill which has Italian cuisine while Lagrange is known to offer Brazilian fare. Most casual places had a local fare that I liked to sample. I also stopped by Cafebreria El Pendulo that has open outdoors with a café and bookstore in its premises.