Naperville: Experience the Best of the Suburb

Image result for naperville illinoisThis summer I took a drive to Naperville from Chicago. No doubt, it was one of the best suburbs that I had visited till now. As soon as you leave Chicago, you will be able to see covered bridges, color local shop, public art, and restaurants. There are so many fun things to do in Naperville. Check out the list of the best attractions in the city.

Naperville Riverwalk

This is to be found at the center of the downtown area of Naperville. It is two miles long along the DuPage River. There are pedestrian paths, aesthetic pleasures, and cultural attractions. What amazed me was the music of the 72 bells from the Millennium Carillon. I also found a place to swim, Centennial Beach. The path along the water offers a picturesque view. You will get a glimpse of the entire city. If you want you can rent paddle boats to have a great time. The decorative fountains are some things to look out for.

Cantigny Park

This attraction is about 10 miles from downtown and used to be the estate of Robert R McCormick. He worked as the editor of Chicago Tribune. It had been opened to public viewing in 1958. At present, it has over 500 acres of education and natural landscape. I had fun exploring the formal gardens. Do not forget to visit the First Division Museum. It is known to be one of the best military museums.

Centennial Beach

Along the shaded Riverwalk path, a swimming pool had been developed from the leftovers of the historic stone quarry. The swimming space goes as deep as 15 feet. The rides on the waterslides are super fun. You will be able to find many other floating attractions close to the water. Build a sandcastle on the beach or play some volleyball. It is the perfect place to relax.